Some suggested improvements for the new Android market

February 3, 2011

The new Android market is a great step forward. Finally, we are able to provide links to our apps on the web, customers can browse and search for applications and install them directly to their devices from the web.  Overall, it looks great.

There are some improvements that could be made though and I’m sure that Google will iterate on the user experience over the coming months. Here are some constructive criticisms / suggestions for improvements that I hope they will take into consideration

  1. The beautiful styling of the page is somewhat ruined by the default Google navbar at the top of the page which looks like it was constructed in FrontPage.
  2. When viewing a screenshot for an app, I would like to be able to view the next image in the sequence without having to close the one that I’m currently looking at and manually selecting the next image! That is a useability fail.
  3. I know (because I’m a savvy Android user/developer) that the Square app ( is only available in the U.S. With the new market, I can search and view details for the square app but I’m not able to install it. For a general user I think that it would be nice if an explanation was given as to why this app is not available for installation rather than a bog standard message that says “This item is not available on your carrier”. Or better yet, since I’m logged in and you already know that I can’t download the app – why not just hide it from my search results like you do on the phone?
  4. Android buyer currency support is most welcome, but I feel that Google are trying to be too flexible. Apple have really nailed this one by providing tiers of charges so if you set your price at £0.59 then in the U.S. it will be charged at $0.99 and so on.  Enabling Android devs to set their own prices for each country gives total flexibility but adds way too much complexity.

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