What to expect for Android at Google IO 2010?

April 29, 2010

Google IO is nearly upon us and just yesterday the session schedule was released code.google.com/events/io/2010/session-schedule.html. You’ll notice that there are three Android sessions on day two that are yet to be disclosed!

Here’s my prediction for how the event is going to roll.

Day One:
At the keynote, Google will make lots of cool announcements across their product and technology range. HTML5 and Android will feature heavily. For Android, I think that they’ll announce the successor to the Nexus One which will be aimed at the enterprise market.  This device will include encryption and all the features that are currently missing for a business phone e.g. better exchange and docs integration, perhaps a front facing camera for video calls and a physical keyboard.  They’ll announce a new version of the Android OS (Froyo) for sure, see www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2010/04/evidence_of_and.html

Day Two:
Last year the day two keynote was devoted to Wave, this year I think that the spotlight will fall on Android.  My prediction is that Google will announce a their answer to the iPad. To boot, they’ll show us an awesome new Android market that will be available on the new tablet as well as all Android phones (Google does not allow the marketplace in its current form on tablet devices) .  I’m hoping that they’ll also announce a new visual designer for Android.  This is something that has been sorely missing for some time and will be a great demo to show the general audience how easy it is to develop for Android.

So, the three undisclosed Android sessions?

1) Developing applications using the new UI designer
2) An advanced session on the new Market
3) A session devoted to developing for the “Tablet”. Yes – there is already a session on “Casting a wide net: how to target all Android devices” but the tablet is a completely different form factor and will need special consideration.

Whether this all happens or not, we’ll just have to wait and see. But this is the stuff that I’m looking for as a developer.




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