Google IO 2010

February 23, 2010

Google IO is happening 19th-20th May this year. I was fortunate enough to have attended last year and can honestly say that it is one of the best conferences around. In fact I’m a little surprised that it’s only on for two days (although this year, a special bootcamp is being held as a precursor to the event

There are talks from 10 different tracks to choose from: Android, App Engine, Chrome, Enterprise, Geo, Google APIs, GWT, Social Web, Wave, Tech Talks + I’m sure that there will be sessions for exciting products/technologies that will be announced during the keynote.

For the keynote on the 2nd day of the conference last year, I was unwitting sat right behind the Google Wave team as Lars Rasmussen and Stephanie Hannon impressively introduced us to a mammoth 1h20min demonstration of their top secret project to revolutionise online communication  I’ve been developing on wave as part of my start-up so I’m aware of the advancements that they have made this year but I still can’t wait to hear what surprises that they have for us at IO.  I have some ideas/educated guesses that I’ll write about in another post!


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